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Aircraft Brokering

If you are considering buying or selling an aircraft, talk to us about our brokerage services.  We specialize in assessing...

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Aircraft Management

Louisiana Aircraft Resources aircraft management program allows you, as an aircraft owner, to turn over many of the operational tedium...

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Aircraft Shared Lease

The Shared Lease offers all the accoutrements of sole and shared ownership with professional management services, but without the up-front...

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Aircraft Shared Ownership

Our programs are perfect for enjoying the aviation lifestyle you’ve always wanted, but at a fraction of the price.  Shared...

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Aviation Consulting

Expert Aviation Consulting provides comprehensive aviation expertise. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience needed for you to...

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Flight Training

Are you interested in learning to fly, brushing up your skills, or advancing your flight ratings?  Our clients who desire...

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Pilot Services

If you need professional pilot services to help you with a plane you own or intend to purchase, contact Louisiana...

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